CIA Seven on Six Guitar Ensemble

Six guitars, and a rhythm section

The CIA Six on Six Guitar Ensemble is one of the most unique guitar groups in the world with an amazing variety of sounds and colors created by a choir of six diverse Austrian and Liechtenstein guitarists and motored by a brilliant international rhythm section. Formed in 2012 Six on Six is one of ten colorful ensembles in the Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA) organization run by New York pianist and composer Peter Madsen who brings to the group a lifetime of experience working with hundreds of well known international stars of jazz, funk and world music. The compositions of Peter give the ensemble a wide spectrum of sounds from the worlds of jazz, rock, soul, latin, classical and avant garde music all with a focus on tight ensemble work and creative improvisation.

Guitarists Christian Bilgeri, Markus Holzmaier, Roland Jenny, Michael Jörger, Oliver Rath and Roger Szedalik come from diverse backgrounds and experiences of musical education and performance but blend together to form sounds never heard before in six part harmony. Add these new sounds to the brilliant drumming of Andi Wettstein, bold bass playing of Herwig Hammerl and Peter Madsen’s piano magic and you have the makings of a fantastic musical group.




Current Line-up:

Guitarists Christian Bilgeri, Markus Holzmaier, Roland Jenny, Michael Jörger, Oliver Rath & Roger Szedalik
Drums: Andi Wettstein
Double Bass: Herwig Hammerl
Piano and Compositions: Peter Madsen

Former Members:

Gernot Haefele, Berndt Kuehnel.


Upcoming Concerts

29. Juni 2018

Duke Ellington Workshop

6. Juli 2018

Duke Ellington Workshop

6. Dezember 2018

CIA Strayhorn Duo At Landesmuseum Bregenz

7. Dezember 2018

CIA Guitar Ensemble at Jazz Club Wangen

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