CIA The Spanish Tinge

The Spanish Tinge is another new CIA Group named and dedicated to the originator of jazz Jelly Roll Morton who often said….It ain’t jazz if it don’t have that Spanish Tinge!

The group has already been rehearsing and will continue preparing to record Peter’s new compositions in the Autumn of 2019.

The band consists of: Amik Guerra – trumpet, Andi Broger – saxes and flute, Oliver Rath – guitar, Herwig Hammerl – double bass, Andi Wettstein – drums and percussion and Peter Madsen – piano and compositions.


Amik Guerra: Trumpet
Andi Broger: Saxes and Flute
Oliver Rath: Guitar
Herwig Hammerl: Double Bass
Andi Wettstein: Drums and Percusion
Peter Madsen: Piano and compositions