CIA Seven on Six Guitar Ensemble: Live at Kammgarn


Live at Kammgarn (DVD)

The CIA Seven on Six Guitar Ensemble,
recorded live at the Kammgarn, Hard on Nov 29th, 2014 and released in 2016.

The Seven on Six Guitar Ensemble is one of nine ensembles that comprises the wide open musical organization called The Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA) run by NYC/Vorarlberg Austria pianist-composer- arranger-leader-educator Peter Madsen. Peter started the Guitar Ensemble three years ago with the vision that a group of seven guitars playing compositions in six and seven part harmony would create an amazing sound unique in the improvising world. The name Seven on Six of course is a play on the title of the compostion Four on Six from the great American guitarist Wes Mont- gomery. With this DVD filmed at the Kammgarn in Hard, Austria we present the unique compositions, sounds, improvisations and wide open vision of Peter Madsen and the Seven on Six Guitar Ensemble.

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CIA Duo: Satin Doll

Release: September 14th, 2017

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