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CIA Storytellers: Where There Was No Path


CIA Storytellers: »Where There Was No Path«

“Where There Was No Path” is veteran pianist/composer Peter Madsen’s 11th release as a leader on the Playscape Recordings label and his first release with his Six on Six Guitar Ensemble, one of 12 ensembles born from Madsen’s Austria-based Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA), an organization he founded in 2007.

Writes Madsen in his liner notes, “I’ve always loved the guitar. The sound. The feel. The power. The beauty. The variety of colors. But I was always too busy with my bigger love, the piano, to find time to learn to play it. What was a poor piano player to do but to form an ensemble of six guitarists and surround himself with this magical instrument!

“It was about ten years ago here in Vorarlberg, Austria that I formed a new Collective of Improvising Artists (CIA) group called the CIA Six on Six Guitar Ensemble (a wordplay on the title of the famous Wes Montgomery composition Four on Six). I composed and arranged music for the group in six-part harmony in many different styles of jazz-oriented music with many challenging improvisational sections. We’ve played many concerts over the years and even made a DVD from a concert we performed a few years ago. Finally, we decided to go into the studio and record this beautiful CD.

“I feel like a proud father after all these years watching the Six on Six guitarists grow and develop into full guitar maturity. Of course, I get to play too!

“Thanks to the Cultural Department of Vorarlberg Austria for their continued support in making this group possible. And as always to my friend and supporter all these years (and a great guitarist himself) Michael Musillami.”

Released on Playscape Recordings, October 10, 2021.

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